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BREAKING NEWS!!!  Spring Caucus on March 30th 2019

James Scofield Resigns As Party Chairman

Brother James Scofield has resigned as Chairman of the AHEPA First Party due to health reasons.  The Executive officers determined due to succession that Brother Nick Karacostas, PSP will assume the duties as Chairman as Brother Frank Manios, PSP has declined the position.


SATURDAY, March 30th

Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay Hotel

Meeting Will Start Promptly at 11:00 AM

Lunch Will be Served; Meeting to Conclude by 2:00 PM

Caucus Will Be In The Wilson's Plover Room 14th Floor

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Please enroll yourself and other supportive Brothers in your area for 2019 membership in our historic AHEPA FIRST PARTY.  Remit $20 per membership to our Treasurer for your annual dues.  To vote your dues must be paid.  Please download the card below and complete entire card and remit with your check to Brother Anthony Kouzounis, PSP at 3736 Lake Street, Houston, Texas 77098-5522 or email him at akouzounis@att.net.

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Chairman Emeritus James S. Scofield, PSP

Chairman Nicholas A. Karacostas, PSP

Vice Chairman Franklin R. Manios, PSP

Secretary Charles S. Stamoulis, PSG

Treasurer Anthony Kouzounis, PSP

Webmaster Dean A. Vonetes, PCP


National Coordinators:

John N. Agnos, PSG

Nick Aroutzidis, PCSP

Andrew T. Banis, PSP

A. Steve Betzelelos, PSP

Peter Dress, PSG

Phillip T. Frangos, PSP

John W. Galanis, PSP

Dr. John Grossomanides, PSP

Dr. Spiro J. Macris, PSP

Gregory L. Manesiotis, Sr., PCP



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